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Best Weed Products

The continuous growth of the cannabis industry year on year has allowed innovative marijuana brands and dispensaries to expand their product ranges. Now there are weed goodies for all types of consumers with varied tastes in marijuana for both smokers and nonsmokers. 

With the wide assortment of cannabis products available in the market today, there are a few stand out choices that are worth experimenting with and diversifying your cannabis palette.  

Here are 15 Amazing Weed Products to try in 2024: 

1. Cannabis Chocolate Bars

When you have the munchies and need to satisfy a sweet tooth look no further than cannabis chocolate bars. Dozens of high-quality weed brands have infused concentrate extracts such as shatter, sauce, and live resin to amp up their potent THC content. 

These chocolates mainly come in sixteen square blocks and dozens of varieties making them one of the most craved weed products to try in 2024. These include milk chocolate, creamy white, strawberry, hazelnut, or almond dark chocolate almonds if you prefer a savory taste.

2. CBD Skincare

Skincare is emerging as one of the most innovative new products making it into the cannabis market this year is skincare. This includes facial cleansers, moisturizers, and lotions infused with CBD and skincare ingredients. 

Since cannabis is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, the cannabinoid has shown promising results when treating eczema and soothing irritated skin. CBD cosmetics can also be found with specialized cannabis brands.  

3. Fruity Flavored Gummies 

Non Smoking cannabis lovers have plenty to choose from with the wide variety of cannabis edibles available at local dispensaries with flavorful gummies. These soft and chewable candies are enhanced with THC, CBD, and other popular cannabinoids. 

Most are made with real fruit or fruit-flavored to give you a sweet and citrus taste such as blood orange, pear, and sour tangerine. Depending on the strain, the gummies will help you relax and unwind or feel energized in a full head and body high. 

4. Drink Fizz

If there’s one cannabis item to try in 2024, it’s drink fizz and other cannabis soda-based drinks. These are delicious and refreshing cannabis products in Woodland Hills that come in several flavors such as cola, cream soda, and lemon-lime. 

They also include seltzer carbonated water in different flavors. All the fizzy drinks are infused with 10mg-40 mg of cannabis and contain THC for a stronger potency. 

5. Cannabis Flower

The classic and most popular cannabis product to try in 2024 is cannabis flower as it will never go out of style. With hundreds of different strains to choose from, they are a smoker’s paradise to experiment and discover the most potent in the industry. 

What’s more, the flower is stocked by the weed shop in Woodland Hills in 14 grams and stored in glass jars and plastic backs to seal in the freshness. Select from top shelf Sativa staples such as Blue Dream, or relaxing Indica like Northern Lights. The hybrid strains are a must-have for a balanced full-body high. 

6. Vapes

Cannabis vapes are among the most popular products for smokers as they simplify the process by heating up and vaporizing cannabis concentrates. Their pocket size makes them the perfect portable and discreet cannabis product to travel around the store among your belongings. 

Choose from your familiar favorite Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid flower strains indicated on the front of the box. Many vapes also come in fruity citrus flavors to enhance the sweet taste. 

7. Topical Creams and Rolls

Medical marijuana patients and recreational users can benefit from using medicinal cannabis to treat topical health conditions of the skin. CBD is known to be anti-inflammatory and can help ease muscle pain.

Therefore, cannabis creams and rolls can be applied to the skin when experiencing soreness after working out or to ease sensitive skin. CBD patches are available to absorb deeper into the skin for greater pain relief.

8. Cannabis Cookies And Brownies

The edible options continue to be explored in the cannabis market and baked treats remain a top choice. These are weed-infused cookies with real chocolate chips, almonds, raisins, and other tasty additives. 

Most are baked with cannabutter or cannabis butter made from flower and butter, to inject the THC concentration inside. Chocolate brownie squares are made in the same way and contain either THC or CBD to get you high or help you stay calm. 

9. Shroom Capsules

In the psychedelics department, these psilocybin-based capsules contain mushroom extracts and powder. They are produced in capsule form for easier ingestion as they’re known to have benefits for health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and headaches. 

Shroom capsules can also be used recreationally when you’re in the mood for a very trippy high experience. This is why many weed enthusiasts enjoy microdosing. 

10. Oil Tinctures 

One of the first weed products to emerge in the cannabis scene after legalization was CBD oil tinctures. The oil is stored in a clear bottle and is consumed by the dropper tool by squeezing out a few drops onto or underneath your tongue. 

Oil tinctures are used to treat various health conditions such as anxiety, chronic pain, sleep disorders and many more that researchers have discovered can be alleviated by CBD. 

11. Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates have become a staple for weed lovers with a high THC tolerance. For dabbers, these concentrates come in the form of badder, shatter, hash, sauce, diamonds, live resin, and rosin among many others. 

They are loaded into a dab rig and smoked or infused into cannabis foods and edibles for an extra intensive kick. Concentrates are the most potent cannabis products on the weed market. 

12. Fruit Teas

Teas are becoming a hot commodity in the cannabis product market and things are only heating up with fruit-based teas. These teas are enhanced with cannabis and contain THC along with their citrus flavors. 

Some of the most popular items include Wild Raspberry, Watermelon, and Peach. These teas are best enjoyed hot for a calming and relaxing effect. 

13. Infused Pre Rolls

For smokers with a high THC tolerance and who appreciate the convenience, then an infused pre-roll is the go-to cannabis product. These are ready-made pre-roll joints and blunts that are rolled into paper cones. 

They’re also filled with marijuana flowers and infused with concentrate additives. Pre-rolls are packaged in singles or packs of up to 10 in mini, standard, or king sizes. 

14. CBD Infused Coffee

Like all hot beverages, coffee has a strong aroma and taste, making it perfect for producing a cannabis product. These coffees are infused with CBD and sold as dry coffee grains in sealed packaging or tins to preserve freshness. 

The desired effects include blissfulness and energy. It’s also known to reduce anxiety and many of the buzzing effects associated with the natural caffeine contained in coffee. 

15. Cannabis Dog Treats

While this might not be a cannabis treat for you, it can be for your best animal friend. If your dog has health conditions such as anxiety, seizures, and stress, these treats can assist in alleviating those symptoms. 

Since the products only contain CBD, they won’t produce a high effect on your dog. You can serve them one cookie for a small dog and 1-2 cookie treats for a medium to large dog daily. 


The growth of the cannabis industry has allowed innovative product designers to produce and create new and exciting marijuana goods for the market. From drinks to baked foods, and topical creams to classic smoking products, there’s something for every weed lover. 

These goods mentioned above are sold at high-quality cannabis dispensaries and are the perfect weed products to try this year. Whether you’re a newbie or an established cannabis consumer, you can discover the right products that suit your tastes.

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